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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Fun .........

Wow!! Wowowie this is the fun day we have today.
Ms Aisha Ormega thank you very much for sponsoring this fun event.  We have tons of people who tried our bull riding.
We started at 12:00 noon and It was over by 1:00 pm/slt.
It was a very tight race Adrianna Applywhyte was the highest score followed by Britney Spot and DebbieDoo Tigrfish until in the last minute, Sid Korman tried it and there was 4 minutes left, OMG he
he beat the ladies score!! what a man..
Congratulation to our winners
1st Place- Sid Kormann 5000
2nd Place- Adrianna  Applwehyte- 2500
3rd Place- Bridget Spot 1000
Check out our Fun pictures here

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  1. yay ,,,,,,,,, congrats my friends ,,way to goooooooooooo