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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ms Hot Beach Body Ntaly Anton

Wow. I still can not believe that this actually happened. I feel i am in a middle of such a nice dream or what ? It feels like a wonderful dream which  I thought would never happen.
To win my first ever pagent is truley an amazing experience and i think i am still in shock. I can not even begin to explain this amazing feeling all i can say is OMG WOW!!!!

I would first like to thank the people who made my dream of winning a pagent come true, Anrol and Steve, If it was not for your love, support countless hours you put in so that models like me can live their dream i would not be writing this now. Thank you very much to both of you for everything you do for us here at CWS and making this place a family unit it is.
Next I would like to thank the judges, for giving up their rl and sl time to judge, your unbiest judging and patience with our lag issues (lol) is commendable tyvm.To my fellow contestants, boy you made it tough, it was my pleasure to be amongst you in this pagent such accomplished names just to walk with you was a dream. you all did amazing and truley there was no losers in this contest in my eyes.

I would like to thank my lovely siser *KiraLyn Destiny* thanks sooooooo much my sister for the lovely help from you , ill never forget what you did with me ill thank you all the time and i want to gift youall this you deserve more hun  God bless your  kind heart .

Now i would like to move on and thank the lovley ladies, because of whom i was able to enter this contest my trainers the force behind CWS for us all, Tabytha Baily, Laylah lecker, Debbiedo Tigerfish, Lisana Rossen, Nina Brianna and even though now gone the lovley Veronica Parx. All your time effort and help has paid of today tyvm for being the best trainers any model can ahve the previlage to be trained by love you all. to Annough Lykin for doing my pictures at such short notice hugssss.

all my love will go now to my best teacher and lovely sister *DebbieDoo Tigerfish* omg what can i say about you hun really i dont find good words to talk about you you did alot for me all what can i say that ilove you from all of my heart thanks again debbixxxx.

Ofcourse ill not forget * Nina Brianna* this lady she spend alot alot of time talking to me to teach me from AtoZ how i fix my shoes skin hehhe lol,  thanks so much nina for your time and for your nice help kisses xxxx

lag lag lag ,,,,ill tell you now who teach me how to breack the lag ,,she is *Tabytha Baily* omg i want to tell you hun that you so good in this part . any one want to be strong on stage pls go to ask taby ,,thanks hun for your lovely help in everything .

*  Laylah lecker*this is my sexy teacher at cws any time i need to find any thing i go Directly  to ask her ,, she helped me alot and she is the first person i met her at cws she is always friendly and kindly with all models ,,thank so much my sweetie .

*Lisana Rossen* thanks so much my sweetie teacher for everything you did great with me hun you teached me alot ty im so glad that we have you in CWS .

*Annough Lykin* T hanks so much for the awesome jon in my pics ,,im so lucky cuz you maded keepgoing and good luck :)

*  ladysunfire Erin* This lady she is the first one who told me who to put my poses in my hud it was so hard to me but she was did not leave me alone with this she did great till now with me ilove her so much xxxxlove you lady .

*  PinkTikiCat Luv* thanks hun for your nice support ,ilove to see you all the time hun ,thanks

Finally i would like to thank my nearest and dearest, without their support and beliving in me i dont think i could have come this far.  I would first like to thank my lovley Sis,SD Damiano thank you so much for everything, you pushed me past my limits, you belived in me when i had doubts you helped me up when i was down your an Angel sent to me your a credit to CWS and we love you being here with us. Lady Sunfire tyvm for all your help and support xxx. My lovley sis Zianna Parx, Another angel i have been blessed with. Sidney Abbott thank you very much for suporting me. Last but not least Ali Miranfone , you have been my rock and strength i could not do this without xxxx. Thank you all my CWS family each and everyone of you.
I love you all.
Ntaly xxx

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Styling Bride/Groom Theme

Styling Bride/Groom Theme

Thank you Victoria for Judging tonights Bridal Event.

Winner:☆Sid Korman  ☆
2nd Place Winner
☆ Ntaly Anton     ☆
3rd place Winner
 ☆  AEON Cristole  ☆