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Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Thank you LaCarnal Dreamscape for Judging Todays Events 

Winner: blossom Mistwood: Good Evening... Ladies and Gentlemen...
I hope you enjoy my interpretation of tonights styling theme... "Best in Scary halloween"

Hi! I'm Chucky! And I'm your friend to the end! 

Chucky is from the popular film childs play, he has been killed in numerous ways one was in a toy warehouse were he burned to pieces (fire emittor by TIS).
I just love this film and i thought theres nothing scarier than a little toy doll with a big knife and a mission to steal someones soul!!! The full avatar is by Mattimeo Camino and the attention to detail is simply amazing. I love his scary eyes and scar face perfect for any halloween night to scare the living day lights out of you. So when your sitting on your sofa tonight beware whats behind that sofa or hiding behind your curtains!!!!

 Hidey - Ho! HA HA HA!

2h:Didier Rascon: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Didier Rascon and today i am THE DEATH, THE SOUL REAPPER in this Halloween Scary Styling Fashion Show.

I must say i'm not used to the halloween theme as we don't celebrate Halloween in France. And also i'm not really a big fan of horror things and scary outfits ... i don't like horror movies also !
 So it took me a bit of time to look for something without blood, and fun enough to be able to wear it ! And this is what i have find for you tonight .... a complete outfit of SOUL REAPPER, a scary skeleton in a floatting black cape (no flesh ... no blood ! loll)
 The complete avatar is made of alpha layers that can hide my avatar, and show all the prims parts of this skeleton ! Everything comes from Gerridwen's Gauldren Store.
Tricks or Treat ? ..... don't cross my way, cause you know i can be boring to death ... mwahahahahahahahaha ........

3rd: Zigrich Zsigmond: Zigrich Zsigmond, "The Cyber Wolf" Unreal, now this is really scary folks, OMG!! here come zig with this latest high quality avatar from Timber Wilds Industries and Cyber real world of ,Wolf and Vampiers, animations, comes from TRAUM, this outstanding costume never seen on any other fashion, has been fabualous to show this stunning Cyber WereWolf Iron Angel wolf,av from traum with 100% sculpted prims with shadow baked textures. ( which was actually called at pass time) Now the new Iron Angel Werewolf Avatar can be found at MaketPlace website. Featuring some awesome accessioes-a special animation hud for this outstanding costume it just Scary-unbeliveable so just hope you people out there are still holding your seat (lol) couse zigrich is about to werewolf you out with his stunning outfit and his awesome sound!!!! "Howel""""""Wow that sound so awesome ! Happy Hollween to you all!!!!!!!

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